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Jo Baker Garden Design offers a broad and flexible service in London and Essex. Established in 2007 she encompasses a wide range of skills and expertise to produce innovative and practical solutions for gardens and landscapes, private, commercial and community based projects.

We offer a range of design services that can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a revival of your existing garden, planting design of small to large borders or a complete transformation of your whole garden, we are more than happy to help and advise you on the services that you may need.



Regular, informative posts about gardening, horticulture, plants, gardens, garden design, wildlife and nature.

What does a garden design service entail?

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1. Every garden design begins with a site survey. This details the dimensions of the space, the aspect and the location of services.  


2. A concept plan incorporating all of your wishes and more, creating a balance between function and aesthetic.  



3. A master plan to scale for the contractor to build, detailing precisely how your garden will be presented. 


4. A planting design plan specifying a tailored collection of plants to complement the design with a plant schedule for orders at a nursery. 


5. A garden designer of course! Try this one...  


What is guerilla gardening?

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Find a disused piece of land, this alley is perfect because nobody owns the rights to it. Plant it, grow on it, garden your little heart out!  I'll be growing willow Salix alba 'Vitellina' 


This was a dumping ground for lazy people's rubbish ..... 


I know it's nitrogen rich because it's covered in nettles... 


This took me 15 minutes, not too challenging! 


Probably the size of half an allotment plot.. Huge!!



Spring is almost here! My top 5 tips for creating a successful vegetable garden...

joanne baker

1. Plan it! Find a good sow and grow calendar telling you what you can grow, when to sow and harvest. 

2. Pick veg that isn't in the shops or that you will use regularly. For example; onion alternatives such as nodding onions and wild garlic. 

3. Mix it up with edible flowers and herbs to add to your salads. Bees will love the flowers and the smell of the herbs will deter pests from your delicious crop! 

4. Variety over quantity! Don't grow too much of one thing. I see this everywhere I go and people end up giving half of their hard work away! 

5. Plant some perennial veg that will come back year after year. It makes life a little bit easier! Asparagus is a good one!  


To see some of the vegetable gardens that I have created for local businesses please take a look at my website.... 


Pancake Day!!

joanne baker

I'll be eating mine smothered in 100% natural Canadian maple syrup, one of natures little miracles! 

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Maple sap extracted by tap! 




Chelsea Physic Garden. Snowdrop Days 2015.One of my favourite places!

joanne baker

Sir Hans Sloane became a renowned and wealthy physician in the 1700's. Bringing back medicinal plants from abroad to treat the rich in London from illnesses such as malaria. He bought Chelsea and created Chelsea Physic Garden to home a collection of medicinal plants to continue to teach people about their healing properties. Such a brilliant garden, I love it here!

Apart from being a fun day out garden visits are a good way for me to continue to learn about plants and how they can be used. I can then effectively consult with you on the best plant scheme for your garden!

Some nectar rich plants for bees & pollinators....

joanne baker

1. Verbena bonariensis 

2. Kniphofia coulescens

3. Perovskia atriplicifolia

4. Penstemon 'Raven'

5. Allium flatuense. 

If you haven't yet tried local, unrefined honey then you're missing out! My friend Mark gave me a tour of his hives in the summer and i've been hooked on honey ever since. Also great for hey fever sufferers!

Winter Delights

joanne baker

Some amazing plants to look forward to in the colder months...

Location: Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge.

Formally clipped Fagus silvatica (common beech) makes an excellent hedge in winter. It retains its old leaves producing a russet-brown line that contrasts well with the green lawn.


Pollarded Limes Tilia cordata ‘Orange Beauty’ replace the Willows at Anglesey Abbey after suffering willow die back. A great alternative. The new one year old growth has an amazing orange colour to be admired when the leaves have fallen.

White stemmed Betula utilis var Jacquemontii  look magical in the winter months. This normally spreading tree has grown taller and narrower in habit due to the density of planting. 

The shiny red bark of Prunus serrula, the Tibetan cherry, looks stunning as an accent in a border during the winter months. 

Providing a warm glow along a winding winter walk; the scented flowers of Hamamelis  x intermedia ‘Pallida’ and the fiery stem colour from Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’.

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Pallida’ This unusual vase shaped shrub has highly scented flowers and stricking vibrant colour. Works particularly well with a dark evergreen backdrop.